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October 3, 2010

How to Save Web Pages Directly to Your Kindle

Since I received my new Kindle 3 I’ve been playing with its web browser, which although very good at displaying web pages, has many limitations. One of which is that only a very few file types can be saved. HTML is not one of them so I went looking for a way to download a web page as an ebook. So far the only site I’ve found that can do this is online-convert.com which offers a multitude of free file conversions all online without the need to install anything.

With this web site, you can convert ebooks, documents or any web page to the Mobipocket mobi ebook format used by the Kindle. The converter also supports a “variety of formats” but does not list them! You can set author and title and page border size.

On the Kindle 3 you can run the conversion and download the resulting mobi ebook right from its browser. The ebook will download and display with your books.

Although the website isn’t formatted ideally for the Kindle 3 the conversion works fine and the ebook’s well-formatted.

online-convert.com or goo.gl/d9PE

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